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The assessment of Wellness and lifestyle is a confidential and voluntary health screening. It consists of a mini health check including lifestyle advice and diet.

The purpose of the screening is to reassure employees that they are in good health or that early action can solve their health problems and prevent them from being absent with long term sickness.

Health Checks

Personal medical history and lifestyle questionnaire
Height and weight measurements
Body mass index calculation
Urine analysis
Blood glucose (diabetes)
Cholesterol test
Blood pressure and resting heart rate
Analysis of metabolic syndrome risk


Worksites / Depots / Factories

Promoting the RSSB Wellness Campaign as well as many other institutions now calling for companies to promote Health & Well Being.

We can set up a day visit centre on your site / factory allowing employees and contractors to call in for a health check, consultation etc.

call: 07442 042526


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